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We at Cape Cod Endodontics strive to provide the highest quality endodontic care in a caring, comfortable environment. We want our patients to be informed and to feel confident about our practice at every clinical and administrative level. Our endodontists also want to serve our referring dentists so they see us as a resource and, through our prompt and expert care of their patients, as a welcome and valuable part of their dental team.

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Cape Cod Endodontics

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peggy pierce

3 years ago
I was in a position to have my first root canal experience which was performed by Dr Sanchez..she and her hygienist were wonderful making me feel very comfortable..she listened to my concerns and explained her every move in the procedure..i was very apprehensive as I have heard this procedure was very painful! She was honest and I felt overall, once I got over my nervousness, more at ease than when I first went in! Thank you!

Megan Dupes

a year ago
I went to my normal dentist. He took x-rays and confirmed that I needed a root canal. I was referred to Cape Cod Endodontics. I knew going in that I need a root canal and that I wanted laughing gas for the procedure which I have had in the past with no issues. When I made the initial appointment the woman who answered the phone was extremely rude. I told her why I was being referred and that my dentist had sent my x-rays ahead. She insisted I schedule an initial consultation even though my dentist had sent over all the information. And she also informed me that they would not be doing the root canal on the same day. Not only did I waste $ 125 for 10 minutes to have thier dentist confirm what my dentist had previously sent them. I was told I would have to come back a week later to actually have the job finished. I was also told that I would be given my total due ahead of time and here I am the eve of my appointment still not knowing how much I will owe in total in the morning. The only reason I'm finishing the job with this office is because I'm tired of waiting. This office is a scam and only interested in the bottom dollar to line thier pockets. And definitely they don't have the patients best interest at heart. Buyer beware. Run don't walk away from this practice and thier seedy money grubbing ways. I'll never use this practice again and caution everyone else to stay away!

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